The Barberettes

The Barberettes are formed by  three members So Hee Park, Sunnie Lee Kyeong, and Shinae An Wheeler. They started performing in 2012 and since then they have created many covers like, “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes , “Mr. Sandman” by The Chordettes, and more. Their music is based on the 1950s and1960s, therefore their genre is Doo-Wop and Korean Retro.

In 2014, they came out with their first and only album for now, “The Barbcover170x170erettes Volume 1”. Their album is truly incredible, it has 1950’s pop like songs and ballads. They have a diverse amount of songs, but still keeping with their 50s-60s style. Their first song in the album is titled, “Little Gals”, which has a traditional Korean sound, other songs in their album have this sound as well including, “Spring Greetings” which is a homage dedicated for the Kim Sisters. These traditional songs in their album are very pleasant and calming to listen to. “Little Gals” is more playful while, “Summer Night Dreams” takes a serious tone to it, the listener just wants to sit their and hear it  because it creates a calming feeling within. While their next song, “ Kukerichoo” has more of an American 50’s beat, making you want to get up and dance;it’s a very playful song. One of my favorite songs off the album is, “ Summer Night Dream”, it is a more romantic song and you can feel the love bursting out of it . The songs throughout their album either make you want to get up and dance or just sit down and listen with curiosity. Every song is absolutely beautiful, they did an amazing job with their album.

Also their covers are always enjoyable to listen too, before I got into the whole Korean music world I use to love listening to retro music. Two of my favorite groups are  the Beach Boys and The Chordettes, which they covered a song from both groups. The song being, “Mr. Sandman” and “Barbara Ann”. I was absolutely pleased hearing them cover these songs, they did them justice and I would love to see them cover, “L.O.V.E” by Nat King Cole . I also, had the pleasure to see them perform live in L.A, during the Korean Hollywood Bowl Festival, I was ecstatic to be abbarberettes_Hollywood.pngle to see them here, which was something I never thought of. They are just amazing live as they are in their album. They had a joyful and classic vibe to their performance; I hope to see them live again soon, hopefully I would be able to see them much closer. If you have not listened to them, I highly recommend you to do so, especially if you are looking for a classic retro sound.

News: I am so excited because the Barberettes announced on their twitter that next month (September) they will have a new album coming out!! So have your ears ready to hearing new music!!! As soon as it comes out, I will talk about it on this blog, so please look out for that as well.           barberttes_twitter. Barberettes social Medias:





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