YELLΘW (yellow)

    Yellow is a new band in the Indie world. I do not know much about them, but they released their digital single, “Anios” in July 25, 2016. Their full album is called, “ALL EYES ON YELLΘW” it only include two songs which are, “Anios” and “Untitled”. They are made up of four members and perform British Rock. Even though they are a band, their song “Anios” has a very chill, calm feeling. It is really relaxing to listen to, but it also makes you want to move your body. I think it is a perfect song to perform live in a festival or in a small performances. While their song, “Untitled” is a bit more serious, just like the lyrics and has a very tired, depressing feeling to it. This song gives a very gloomy vibe; the lyrics and the tune fit perfectly with one another. This groups is just starting up, but I know that as they keep on creating more music they will start gaining a bigger audience in the K-Indie world. I am excited to hear more of their songs in the near future. If you have not listened to them, go and give them some support;  they truly deserve it.


YELLΘW Social Media:



Listen to them on Soundcloud


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