Flor Amargo: Her Unique Sound

        sin-tc3adtuloI found Flor Amargo as I was listening to the youtube mix. As I was listening to music, while doing homework, I came across the song, “Busco Alguien” (Looking for Someone) which featured Mon Laferte. The moment my ears heard this song I became interested in the singers, then I heard Flor Amargo rapping a bit in the song and I just loved her voice. I realized that she wrote the song herself and I started listening to more of her music. She has a very unique sound, her music is very memorable and very her. I have listened to this song live on youtube, I personally prefer the studio song because all the instrument really adds to the dramaticness and emotions to the song as compared when singing it living, which is just with a piano. She is a very dramatic and expresses everything as she sings through her face. Her dramatic voice and gestures reminded me a lot of Cho Hyung Woo who has a very dark dramatic sound to his music. If there would ever be duet with a Mexican musician and a Korean one, I would be interested to hear them both together. Her sound which is also very circus and fantasy like really reminded me of the American group Man Man. They do not really have the same sound, but they both have a fantasy, Halloween (I do not know how to really describe it) like sound to their music, which I enjoy. “No te Atrevas” (Don’t Dare)  is one of her songs that you can see her very dramatic gestures and voice. It so entertaining to watch and listen to her perform because she makes it like an act. She has recently been making music around a Circus theme an example of this is her song called, “ El Circo” (The Circus)  it first sounds very trippy and it is like she is basically singing a story. As I mentioned perform, she is a very entertaining performer and that is why I have recently been really obsessed with her. Another song that has a very playful tune to it is, “Loca” (Crazy). She is really great at making her own sound, she truly deserves a lot more attention.

Here is a live performance of “Loca”


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Image comes from http://elukelele.mx/flor-amargo-presenta-busco-a-alguien-su-nuevo-videoclip/


SaltnPaper: Let’s talk about all 3 albums!

     SaltnPaper is a group started by Michael Y. Kim (MYK). MYK is known for doing hip hop, as well as working closely with Epik High specifically Tablo. He decided to start SaltnPaper, therefore creating a new identity and furthering himself away from his hip hop image. SaltnPaper genre usually falls under soft rock and even folk music. I found out about him about a month ago or so. I do not know much of his work as MYK; I mainly know his work from SaltnPaper. So far he has 3 albums; “SaltnPaper” (mini album), “Awe Fine”, and his most recent one that came out this year is “Spin”.

     After listening to all three albums, he became one of my favorite artist and maybe even my favorite artist of this year. His music is so relaxing and calming to listen to, it is easy to hear if you are doing homework, traveling, or just wanting to rest. He has a variety of English and Korean songs throughout the three albums. Every song he makes is amazing and you can see the hard work that is put into them. When watching him perform live, he becomes his music. The passion and the love can be seen through how he carries himself when performing.

     First let’s talk about his mini album, “Saltnpaper”. The first song that I love listening to is, “Autumn”. It is a very smooth and relaxing, it has a very refreshing sound to it as well and creates a very comforting vibe. “LoveStrong” is another great song, this is a duet with Tablo. The rap and the softness that SaltnPaper has in his music mixes perfectly together. The two different styles of the artist is well heard in the song but well mixed. There are

Source: Soompie.com in article, ” SaltnPaper releases song “Perfect” featuring Park Shin Hye and lyrics Tablo”

more songs in the album but these are just a few I wanted to mention. As I was listening to his second album, “Awe Fine” I encountered the song, “Perfect”. It makes me feel as I am floating, but it also has impactful vocals by MYK. Then a girl’s voice appeared that gave the song a delicate sound. This voice sounded very familiar and it took me awhile to realize that it was Park Shin Hye. I was pleasantly surprised. This has became one of my favorite songs, her voice and MYK’s voice create such a perfect duet. This is one of his more folk like songs. The song “Rich Man of Ten” has a hint of Jamaican influence to it, but it is a lot more rock. This song has a bit more of a  beat  compared to others, it makes me want to move a bit more. The song “Choice” is one of my favorites of this album. He raps a bit more as well as sings. It is very flowy and creates a very cloud like feeling when listening to it, it is very transick like.  This song shows both his vocal and rapping skills. The song “Heart of it All”, is one that I just love! It is very upbeat. It also has a simple but awesome message; everything is going to be okay. I love it songs that make me want to be in such a good mood and this is one of them.  “One Heat” is one of the best songs off of the three albums (in my personal opinion) every time I listen to it, it gives me guess bumps. It is one that is constantly on my head. The vocals and the instrumentals are just so damn perfect. He has an English and a Korean version (with a duet), personally I enjoy his English version more, I guess because I can understand it and there is more meaning to it for me.


     His recent album is, “ Spin” another great album. With all three he does not really change his style, which is something I like because it fits him perfectly, but this third album has a bit more of a 90s and early 2000’s feel. The album starts of with the song, “Mine” which is perfect. It is basically a sad love song but the instruments give off a bit more of a upbeat sound. I love the contrast between his lyrics and the song itself.  His song “Heavy Muse” is not as soft at all, it is more rock, but it fits him very well. I really enjoy listening to , “ What A Place”, I love the piano background, every time he uses the piano in his music, I always seem to enjoy it. “What A Place” is more youthful because of the lyrics. When I listen to it my imagination is a lot more active, it is a lot more pure and innocent.


maxresdefaultThere are a lot more songs that I did not go over, but I just wanted to mentions the ones that stood out to me from each album. The SaltnPaper image that MYK has now is amazing and I feel like he creates a sound that you immediately associate him with. I cannot wait to listen to more, even though he has been putting out a lot of amazing music recently, but I just cannot get enough of him. If for some reason you have not listened to his albums go and do so now, trust me you will fall in love with his voice and musical talent.



Here is his music video for “One Heart”


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Los Daniels, ” Inmortal” Review

     I have recently started getting into the Mexican music world, mostly indie singers. I have found a group that I have recently been obsessed with; Los Daniels. This band consists of five members; Ismael Salcedo, René Lugo, Rasheed Durán, Carlos Palomares, and Alfonso Díaz.p5vkiuo1bwctrg3-notasr111

     I started listening to them at a perfect time because they have recently released their 5th studio album (I think), titled, “Inmortal” (Immortal). I have mainly been listening to this album and not really their older stuff, which I plan to listen to later on. I love every single song in the album, their first song I listened to was, “En ti” (In you), it is a flowy like song, that makes you move your head around. I would consider it a pop rock song. I love the climax of the song, it gives you a sense of freedom and just letting go. Their next song “Ahora” (Today)  I would consider again a pop rock song. I cannot really describe how this song makes me feel, but I just really enjoy listening to it. Another song  that I enjoy has a very interesting sound, this song is , “ Hasta Las Cenizas” (To the Ashes) featuring Lila Downs. This song perfectly combines the sound of Los Daniels and Lila Downs. If you do not know who Lila Downs is, she has a traditional Mexican sound.Her vocals sound amazing with the lead singers Ismael Salcedo, the duet of the two singers is just perfect. This song is one of the must listen to off of their album. Their last song of the album is  “Te Seguiré” (I will Follow you), this song is a bit more alternative rock but not to hard. This group is very entertaining to listen to, if you are looking for a new group, you need to check them out and right now they are very active since their new album just came out.

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Song of the Week 9/4/2016-9/10/2016

Flor Amargo ft. Mon Laferte

Both singers are incredible. I have been listening to Flor Amargo a lot and I cannot tell you how amazing she is. Her music has a very dark edge to it but it is  very story-like. You need to listen to her to understand. In the future I will make a detailed blog post about her.

I.NA “Like a Sunshine” and “Fly Me to the Moon” cover

      I.NA is a solo singer who seems to have been performing since 2010. Her type of genre is Jazz. Her sound is very relaxing and is perfect coffee shop music (so if you are into coffee shop music you will truly enjoy her).She recently came out with a full album titled, “Fall in Lovs-l300e with Bossa Nova”.

     She recently came out with a single titled, “Like a Sunshine”. This was the first time I have ever heard about her and her music. I absolutely loved this song. I looked her up and started listening to her other music. Her song, “Like a Sunshine” is a lot more upbeat and seems to have a hint of flamingo style in it, which was created through the acoustic guitar that was in the background. I felt that it added a lot to this upbeat song. This song truly brings my mood up when I listen to it. It is very different from her other songs, while this song creates a cheery feeling in you , her other songs are a lot more relaxing. They are perfect if you are doing homework or if you want to be in a very elegant and relaxing environment. She also seems to love using the acoustic guitar as she sings, which adds on to the elegance of her voice. She also has an amazing cover of “Fly me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra. I absolutely love that song and I love seeing covers by different people because everyone always adds their own style to it, this is evidently seen with I.NA. She accustoms the tone to the song to fit her voice and her Jazz style, which is a different Jazz style compared to Sinatra . Sinatra’s song has a bit more of a beat, as I listen to this song I image dancing out late at night  in public and just enjoying my time with a loved one;I get more passion from Sinatra. But what I love about I.NA’s version is that, she is a bit more serious. Her voice and the quietness of the instruments she uses gives the listeners a feel of relaxation, but also a sense of happiness by just listening to her voice.

     Please check out her new single, “Like a Sunshine” it is very upbeat and i love the acoustic guitar that is playing in the song. It is a perfect song to uplift your day or night. She is a very pleasant person to hear perform and watch perform (from the online videos I have watched).

Check out her cover of Fly Me to the Moon .

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