Flor Amargo: Her Unique Sound

        sin-tc3adtuloI found Flor Amargo as I was listening to the youtube mix. As I was listening to music, while doing homework, I came across the song, “Busco Alguien” (Looking for Someone) which featured Mon Laferte. The moment my ears heard this song I became interested in the singers, then I heard Flor Amargo rapping a bit in the song and I just loved her voice. I realized that she wrote the song herself and I started listening to more of her music. She has a very unique sound, her music is very memorable and very her. I have listened to this song live on youtube, I personally prefer the studio song because all the instrument really adds to the dramaticness and emotions to the song as compared when singing it living, which is just with a piano. She is a very dramatic and expresses everything as she sings through her face. Her dramatic voice and gestures reminded me a lot of Cho Hyung Woo who has a very dark dramatic sound to his music. If there would ever be duet with a Mexican musician and a Korean one, I would be interested to hear them both together. Her sound which is also very circus and fantasy like really reminded me of the American group Man Man. They do not really have the same sound, but they both have a fantasy, Halloween (I do not know how to really describe it) like sound to their music, which I enjoy. “No te Atrevas” (Don’t Dare)  is one of her songs that you can see her very dramatic gestures and voice. It so entertaining to watch and listen to her perform because she makes it like an act. She has recently been making music around a Circus theme an example of this is her song called, “ El Circo” (The Circus)  it first sounds very trippy and it is like she is basically singing a story. As I mentioned perform, she is a very entertaining performer and that is why I have recently been really obsessed with her. Another song that has a very playful tune to it is, “Loca” (Crazy). She is really great at making her own sound, she truly deserves a lot more attention.

Here is a live performance of “Loca”


Flor Amargo’s Social Medias:





Image comes from http://elukelele.mx/flor-amargo-presenta-busco-a-alguien-su-nuevo-videoclip/


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