My Top K-Indie Songs of 2016

               Hello! It has been awhile since I have posted on here. I have been busy with school, which makes it hard to focus on writing for this blog and just keeping up with all the new K-Indie and Spanish Indie songs. I will try my best to keep up with this blog for now on. Hopefully it goes well, I am  not making promises though! But, I want to talk about my favorite songs of 2016. There were so many Korean Indie songs that I loved and I also got to see my first two K-indie groups perform live that year! So let’s get started with this list, these are My top 5 Korean Indie songs of 2016! It is in no specific order! It is impossible to choose my favorite song.

My Top 5 Indie Korean Songs of 2016

1.Yellow – Ainos

Yellow is a new band that debuted in 2016, so they only have two songs out, but I really like their vibe and their style. At one point last year, I was listening to their song, “Ainos” everyday. Their music is soft and calming to listen to, which is always pleasing to find in a band. This a group that people really need to be in a look out for. I cannot wait to listen to more of their songs.

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2. SaltNPaper- Mine

I fell in love with the style of SaltNPaper, I truly felt that his music was made for me. My favorite song off his album, “Spin” was “Mine”. It is an acoustic song, which gives a hint of country to it, also become a very calming song to listen to. It is such a perfect song to play a night and it creates a very soothing environment. Since, MYK stopped writing Hip Hop and started doing more acoustic like music, he has been pumping out music non-stop and every song is truly amazing! They are not all acoustic, so if that is not your thing, you will find another song to love! He is one of my favorite artist of 2016 and I hope he keeps on pumping out more music this year!

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3. I.NA (이나) – Like A Sunshine

This is one of those singers that I just found randomly when I was on YouTube one night. Her song “Like A Sunshine” is so upbeat but has some jazz to it. I also love the solo of the guitarist in the middle of the song, it gives a pinch of acoustic.I found other songs in another website, finding that she has such a classic and beautiful sound.I feel like she has a very unique style compared to the other K-indie singers that I listen to.

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4. Barberettes Like I Do

These girls are one of my favorite groups of all time! I  saw them perform at the “Hollywood Bowl Korean Festival” and they were one of the reasons I went to the event. They did an amazing job as the first group to perform. I hope I will get to see them perform in a smaller place just to be able to enjoy them more. At the end of last year, they came out with an album. I was ecstatic! One of my favorite songs was “Like I do” like always their song as a retro feel. They did an amazing job capturing the 1950’s in their song. It is very upbeat and happy. The song is an explosion of happiness and enjoyment!

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5. Dead buttons Strangers

I got to see this group perform live in Kcon. They did have a bit of trouble when it came to adjusting their instruments (that was all Kcon’s fault). Besides that, I loved being able to see their excitement and passion when performing. Everytime I listen to “Strangers”, it  gives me chills, also creating an urge to get up and dance around. This song truly knows how to up lift someone’s spirit. They have some harder song and softer songs. This one is perfectly in the middle, which I just love!

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I hope you enjoyed my list! Also tell me what were your tops songs of the year! If you have any bands you want to share please comment them below I will love to hear from you.


I.NA “Like a Sunshine” and “Fly Me to the Moon” cover

      I.NA is a solo singer who seems to have been performing since 2010. Her type of genre is Jazz. Her sound is very relaxing and is perfect coffee shop music (so if you are into coffee shop music you will truly enjoy her).She recently came out with a full album titled, “Fall in Lovs-l300e with Bossa Nova”.

     She recently came out with a single titled, “Like a Sunshine”. This was the first time I have ever heard about her and her music. I absolutely loved this song. I looked her up and started listening to her other music. Her song, “Like a Sunshine” is a lot more upbeat and seems to have a hint of flamingo style in it, which was created through the acoustic guitar that was in the background. I felt that it added a lot to this upbeat song. This song truly brings my mood up when I listen to it. It is very different from her other songs, while this song creates a cheery feeling in you , her other songs are a lot more relaxing. They are perfect if you are doing homework or if you want to be in a very elegant and relaxing environment. She also seems to love using the acoustic guitar as she sings, which adds on to the elegance of her voice. She also has an amazing cover of “Fly me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra. I absolutely love that song and I love seeing covers by different people because everyone always adds their own style to it, this is evidently seen with I.NA. She accustoms the tone to the song to fit her voice and her Jazz style, which is a different Jazz style compared to Sinatra . Sinatra’s song has a bit more of a beat, as I listen to this song I image dancing out late at night  in public and just enjoying my time with a loved one;I get more passion from Sinatra. But what I love about I.NA’s version is that, she is a bit more serious. Her voice and the quietness of the instruments she uses gives the listeners a feel of relaxation, but also a sense of happiness by just listening to her voice.

     Please check out her new single, “Like a Sunshine” it is very upbeat and i love the acoustic guitar that is playing in the song. It is a perfect song to uplift your day or night. She is a very pleasant person to hear perform and watch perform (from the online videos I have watched).

Check out her cover of Fly Me to the Moon .

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